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Price: winter summer in the offseason
Bed / 1 night / 1 person - - - UAH
Breakfast - - - UAH
Two meals a day - - - UAH
Three meals a day - - - UAH
obus (railway) station
0,5 km
omedical care
0,5 km
omuseum, historical sights
0,3 km
orestaurant, cafe, bar
0,2 km
oshop, grocery store, market
0,2 km
ohorse riding
5 km
8 km
4 km
opossibility to ride in a boat
4 km
4 km

The house a private property of Mr. Fedin,chairman of the Dykanka Districk  Rural and Green Tourism Cooperative Association that operates since 2007. Members of the association receive tourists in their homes and provide them with room, board and recreation. 

Mykola Fedin’s Place above the Ravine is very attractive and hospitable, as it has all the amenities for living and recreation, such as a fireplace hall, spacious terrace, cosy dining room, and an ele­gant living room. The property comprises lovingly constructed en­trance, a little pond populated by crucian carps, parterre with flowers and ornamental plants, and a newly-planted orchard; all these beau­tiful corners of the place offer a striking testimony to its owners’ ex­quisite taste and confirm that they are always ready to receive guests. 

The house is located in the settlement’s centre near the pictur­esque environs of the municipal pond. One can relax and drink wa­ter from mineral springs there in summer, while in winter there are plenty of snow-covered hills for tobogganing or skiing. According to a folk belief, drinking water from local springs strengthens mar­ital relationships. 

Welcome to Dykanka!


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