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Price: winter summer in the offseason
Bed / 1 night / 1 person 550 550 550 UAH
Breakfast 60 60 60 UAH
Two meals a day 350 350 350 UAH
Three meals a day 550 550 550 UAH
omedical care
6,5-11 km
omuseum, historical sights
0 km
orestaurant, cafe, bar
0 km
oshop, grocery store, market
0 km
ogas station
20 km
0 km
0 km
opossibility to ride a bicycle
0 km
0 km

Boundless steppes, rare animals and plants, rich historical and cultural heritage - all this Frumushika-Nova - the pearl of Bessarabia. Rest in such a place will be a real gift for the soul of each of our visitors.

Construction of the Frumushika-Nova farm began in the summer of 2006 on the site of the Moldovan village of Frumushika-Nova. And in 2007 Frumushika-Nova celebrated its first birthday. This Bessarabian village has become a kind of tribute to the memory of ancestors and now anyone can see the endless steppe in all its seasonal colors. Having come to us for a one-day tour, many will not want to part with this colorful land. Those who have the opportunity to stay, are happy to stay in Frumusica-Nova for at least a week. To do this, there are all the conditions and amenities - guest houses, rooms in the hotel complex, cottages, as well as a swimming pool, sauna and other places for relaxation.

In addition, from all over Ukraine, we are the only tourist complex with a granite monument - the Statue of the Shepherd, which from December 1, 2016 is officially included in the Guinness Book of Records. This monument was recognized as the tallest shepherd statue in the world.

Translated from the Moldavian "Frumushika-Nova" means beauty. But, despite the obvious beauty of this place, the unique natural landscapes - not the only thing you can admire when you come here.

Among our tourist facilities you can see and visit:

Statue of a Shepherd (entered in the Guinness Book of Records; height - 16 m 43 cm, together with the pedestal - 17 m 93 cm; weight of the whole structure - 1080 tons.);

Open-air ethnographic museum;

Memorial Hill;

Park Museum of Socialist Realism Monuments (has more than 180 busts) monuments);

Wine cellar, where you can taste wines of own production;

Park-Museum of Sculptures "History of Bessarabia";

Museum of Agricultural Machinery;

Local history museum;

Art Gallery;

Sheep complex, where sheep of the Karakul breed are raised;



Also, be sure to try the traditional lamb and lamb dishes in our stylized inn cafe. Here, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the national cuisine of Bessarabia, as well as try homemade wines, cheese and hominy.


- Hotel - made of wall concrete blocks, shell rock, wood;

- Guest houses - from a lamp (environmentally friendly material);

- Fisherman's house - made of shell rock;

- Forester's house - made of shell rock;

- Jaeger's house - made of shell rock;

- The Hunter's house is made of shell rock

number of floors:

1) Hotel - two-storey: - on the ground floor - a conference hall and an art gallery;

- on second: 12 double rooms;

5 quadruple rooms;

1 superior double room

2) Double guest houses (total number - 10) - one-storey, there is a gazebo;

3) Jaeger's house - one-storey: two bedrooms and a kitchen (there is a gazebo);

4) Fisherman's house - one-storey: two bedrooms and a kitchen (there is a gazebo);

5) Lisnyk's house - one-storey: two bedrooms and a kitchen (there is a gazebo);

6) Hunter's house - two-storey: on the ground floor - hall-kitchen; wood bath, shower, toilet

water: centralized water supply - in the hotel, guest houses, Hunter's house, Fisherman's house and Hunter's house.

kitchen: in hotel rooms, guest houses - not available; in the house of the Forester, the house of the Fisherman, the house of the Hunter - is available

separate entrance to:

- Hotel;

- Guest houses;

- Jaeger's house

- Fisherman's House;

- Forester's House;

- Hunter's House


takes during the year:

- Fisherman's house;

- Jaeger's house;

- Forester's house;

- Hunter's house.

Hotel and guest houses - open from April 20 to October 31.


1 day: Hotel:

2-bed room (Mon-Thurs 440 UAH; Fri-Sun 550 UAH)

4-bed room (Mon-Thurs 520 UAH; Fri-Sun 650 UAH)

Room for newlyweds 850 UAH

 Guest house: 2-bed (Mon - Sun 850 UAH)

 Jaeger's house: 4-5 and local (Mon-Thurs 850 UAH; Fri-Sun 1700 UAH)

Fisherman's House: 4-5 beds (Mon-Thurs 850 UAH; Fri-Sun 1700 UAH)

Forester's House: 4-5 beds (Mon-Thurs 850 UAH; Fri-Sun 1700 UAH)

Hunter's House: 12-bed 4000 UAH

  Additional place in the room / room - 150 UAH

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