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Price: winter summer in the offseason
Bed / 1 night / 1 person 150 150 150 UAH
Breakfast 50 50 50 UAH
Two meals a day 150 150 150 UAH
Three meals a day 250 250 250 UAH
obus (railway) station
5 м km
omedical care
7 км km
omuseum, historical sights
15 км km
orestaurant, cafe, bar
15 км km
oshop, grocery store, market
1 км km
ogas station
7 км km
ohorse riding
так km
ні km
ні km
othe opportunity to ski
ні km
opossibility to ride a bicycle
так km
opossibility to ride in a boat
3 км km
3 км km

The "Land of Virtues" is located in a forested region of Boguslav Raion (Kyiv Oblast) on the edge of the village "Guta".  It occupies one hectare about 130 km to the south of Kyiv, and 18 km from Boguslav. It is located on the farm of Gary and Svitlana, and includes the childhood home of Svitlana. 

The rural environoment is ideal for family visits and relaxation. It is far removed from the city noise. Adjacent to the "Land of Virtues" is a large forest. The pace of life in Guta is relaxed, the sound of birds singing, the aroma of flowers, more than 30 rose places and flower gardens abound, horse pastures, swimming in the village lake, horse riding and hiking in the surrounding fields and forest, cycling, evening observation of a star filled sky that near appears near a city.

The facilities at the "land of virtues" include a conference hall that is used in all seasons (90 m2), dormintory which can sleep up to 25 people, kitchen for meal preprations, dining area, camping area with electricial outlets, modern toilet and shower faciltiies, facilities for sports including basketball and volleyball, and a children's playground, a field for playing football, and pastures for horse riding.

For children during their school holidays we can propose classes, outdoor activities programs that is based on the development of virture or postive values needed for a successful life. Program is provided by 2 professional teachers: American professor Dr. Gary Reusche and Teacher of Ukrainian Literature Svitlana Reusche. More information about working with children can be found at the side:


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