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Price: winter summer in the offseason
Bed / 1 night / 1 person 200 200 200 UAH
Breakfast 80 80 80 UAH
Two meals a day 250 250 250 UAH
Three meals a day 350 350 350 UAH
obus (railway) station
0,12 km
omedical care
0,2 km
omuseum, historical sights
0,05-5 km
orestaurant, cafe, bar
0,10 km
oshop, grocery store, market
0,10 km
ogas station
9 km
>3 km
12 km
3 km


You will admire the seaside steppe, ancient burial mounds, man-made pine forests. Swim in the warm Yagorlytsky Bay of the Black Sea, and be amazed by the Ukrainian kara-kums. Every day for you: delicious rural dishes, herbal tea from local herbs and curative nature... These will heal your soul and body, restore your strength, refill your energy.

We will open interesting pages of the history of the South of Ukraine for you: the burial mounds of the era of Pit culture, Scythian time, Yagorlyts'ke ancient settlement of the 6th century, BC, the legends of the area Kop-Kuju, the Cossack mortgage, the Prognoyev salt harvest, the history of Kinburne, the landlord's estate of the Reimers, the autobiographical pages of the famous numismatist and archaeologist Josyp Buryachkov, interested of the antiquities of Ukrainian life ...

You can simultaneously observe four natural environments in our village: the steppe and the forest, the sea and the desert (Nizhnedneprovskye sands). Our land is particularly interesting for birdwatching. You can watch steppe inhabitants and endemic plants, medicinal plants.

A hundred years ago the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve was established here, precisely to save local birds. Today it is one of the 5 largest reserves in the world.

Other offers for tourists:

- hiking in the forest, in the steppe, in the desert, along the coast of the bay;

- interactive participation in folk holidays and ceremonies: Christmas, New Year, Epiphany, Kolodiya, Easter, Green holidays, Kupila, bedding, Nicholas, etc.;

- thematic holidays for children and adults: birthdays, family holidays, jubilee dates, corporate parties;

- workshops on the exchange of traditions;

- master classes: folk cooking, milking cows, making dairy products (cream, cheese, whey, butter), Diduh (grandfather`s tree), folk dolls, birds, cocks, lambs, goats from natural substances, pottery crockery and toys without a potter's wheel;

- tasting dishes and drinks of Ukrainian old national cuisine, herbal teas.

We are happy to show you our homeland!

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