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Price: winter summer in the offseason
Bed / 1 night / 1 person 1000 1000 1000 UAH
Breakfast 50 50 50 UAH
Two meals a day - - - UAH
Three meals a day - - - UAH
obus (railway) station
10 km
omedical care
8 km
omuseum, historical sights
10 km
orestaurant, cafe, bar
0,05 km
oshop, grocery store, market
0.3 km
ogas station
0.3 km
ohorse riding
10 km
25 km
0 km
opossibility to ride a bicycle
0 km
opossibility to ride in a boat
4 km
0.1 km

Teterivka (Albinivka till 1946) a village in Ukraine, that was founded in 1788. It is situated in Zhytomyr district of Zhytomyr region on the left bank of the river Teteriv, 4 km from the central city of the district and the region and a railway station Zhytomyr. The Zhytomyr-Liubar highway runs through the village. There are Zhytomyr district of Zhytomyr region such monuments on the territory of the village as the monument dedicated to soviet soldiers who fall on the field of battle releasing the village from Hitler's invaders, and a memorial plate in honour of young partisans.      

In the surrounding areas were founded the settlements of The Neolithic Age and the Age of Bronze and the VI-VIII century slavic settlement of the Korchak type.

Surrounded by softwood forest, on the bank of a picturesque lake near the river Teteriv, in the environmentally pristine place the hospitable country-estate "Kot Bayun and the Gimpy Duck" is situated. It is 8 km far from the centre of Zhytomyr. On the territory there are comfortable wooden houses with suits of semilux type. The interior is made in folk style with advantages of modern with the use of natural materials from the Carpathians.

The forest promenade, bicycle ride, boating, fishing, swimming in the lake, in Winter - skiing, tobogganing, the Russian sauna, the herb-infused sauna, suits for relaxation, the wine vault, the playground, the picnic place, fnd the place for barbecue and for bloating the fish are at visitors’ disposal. All the dishes are prepared on an open fire. For this there are the tandoor, the oil lamp, the charcoal grill and the large cooking pot. The free twenty-four-hour Wi-Fi is also at your service.

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