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Price: winter summer in the offseason
Bed / 1 night / 1 person 488 488 488 UAH
Breakfast 88 88 88 UAH
Two meals a day 176 176 176 UAH
Three meals a day 264 264 264 UAH
obus (railway) station
1 km
omedical care
1 km
omuseum, historical sights
2 km
orestaurant, cafe, bar
1 km
oshop, grocery store, market
0,5 km
ogas station
1 km
ohorse riding
5 km
1 km
othe opportunity to ski
0 km
opossibility to ride a bicycle
10 km
1 km

Welcome to the Api-Wellness Center of dr.Oleksiy Pashchenko. There are bee beds, a wax room, classic and honey massage, gym, horseback riding, fresh air near pine forest waiting for you!
It is located in the picturesque old town  Belgorod - Belogorodka village.
"Over bee beds creation I have been working for many years. I became a beekeeper more than 20 years ago, when my godfather present me two bee families. Then I was a student of the Medical University at the 5th year . I began to wonder and study what benefits can bring to people these small clever insects. I graduated from the first "Soviet courses" on apitherapy in Dnipropetrovsk and began to use knowledge of apitherapy in medical practice. I created a cabinet of apitherapy in the children's sanatorium "Forest glade", introduced apitherapy techniques for the rehabilitation of children. Worked as a district pediatrician, ambulance doctor ", - says Alexey Pashchenko.
Oleksiy Alekseevich has been in charge of the apitherapy department at the NSC "Institute of Beekeeping named after P. I. Prokopovich" for 10 years, where he combined a scientific search with medical work.
"The expediency and efficiency of apitherapy convinced to me my patients. It was believed that when a patient treated with bee colon exchange bellies brought laboratory confirmation and ultrasound examination, they indicated normalization of the thyroid gland - "somewhere" nodes knocked out ...
Before constructing the bee beds, he traveled all over Ukraine - he watched, talked and then created his own - original and comfortable ", - convinced Mr. Alexey.

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